Chef Rø is the culinary alias of the Portuguese performing artist Rogério Nuno Costa. Since 2006 he’s been developing an interdisciplinary project called “Vou À Tua Mesa” [Going To Your Table], in the context of which he creates performances, documentaries, supper clubs, show cookings, workshops, theme parties, radio and TV shows, installations, pop-up restaurants, and numerous cross-disciplinary essays about the possibilities of interconnection between Art, Gastronomy, Philosophy and Technology. As “conceptual chef”, food writer and culinary consultant, he’s been working with many performing and visual artists, photographers, and cultural institutions in Portugal and abroad, along with some renowned chefs and restauranteurs: Edições do Gosto, Baldio/Indirecções Generativas, Estrutura, Teatro Praga, Prado, Cão Solteiro, O Espaço do Tempo, Nomad Dance Academy, Binaural, Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Festival Tell, Alkantara, Circular, Goethe Institut, Baixa-Chiado PT Bluestation, TAGV, TEDx Guimarães, CCB, Bela TV, G.A.T.A., Festival Encontrarte, Fábrica de Santo Thyrso, Miss’Opo, Galleria Nunes, Escola de Hotelaria de Coimbra, Flanzine, Velha-a-Branca, O.G.A.E Portugal and Daniel Pinheiro/Lisa Parra. He was one of the finalists of first season’s culinary competition Masterchef Portugal. Food writer in many cultural and fashion blogs and magazines. He’s also the Portuguese ambassador for the international food event Restaurant Day. Prepares for 2017 the web cooking/eating series “Chef Rønline”. He aims to elevate Art to the status of Gastronomy; the opposite has already been done.

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