Azeitegeist™ [2012]


AZEITEGEIST™ is a Portuguese-German wordplay made out of the words azeite (olive oil) and Zeitgeist (well, everybody knows what Zeitgeist means…). It evokes a certain Mediterranean state-of-the-arts that can be described as being olive oily, cheezy and über-cheap, “paradoxically” mirroring the infamous German schlagerism. This is how Rogério Nuno Costa interpreted the assignment Teatro Praga has proposed to Chef Rø: to lead a Luso-German culinary workshop, that could also be a cooking show and a tasting menu, for an event named “Marco Alemão” (German Mark). The workshop took place in September 2012 at Goethe-Institut Portugal, in Lisbon. And this is how it was announced:

“My relationship with Gastronomy is a techno-emotional one. My relationship with Germany too. The songs produced by Scooter, Culture Beat, Captain Hollywood Project, Mr. President and Snap! were much more important for my an-artistic upbringing than the writings produced by Nietzsche, Heidegger, Benjamin, Habermas or Sloterdijk. I don’t believe in food that we can’t dance to! For that matter, I propose a tasting menu made in 1994 (the current year!) served inside a rave-flight Faro/Frankfurt with a strategic stopover in Ibiza. A sort of dialectical inversion of the Mediterranean dream: the olive oil, traveling by bump cars, finally reaching the Black Forest. Azeitegeist™ is then an interactive show case of Luso-Germanic dishes cooked at 180 beats per minute by Chef Rø.”