Hôte Cuisine [2013]


In English: “Home Cooking”. An opening ceremony thought by Rogério Nuno Costa [aka Chef Rø] to be prepared, cooked, served and tasted by the participants and guests of the event “Generative Indirections“. They are going to be at the same time hosts (hóspedes) and hosts (hospedeiros), guests and party planners, servants and masters, messmates and agents, all working for an event at the same time strange and familiar, inhospitable and cozy, intruder and welcoming, solemn and celebratory.

Opening: Indirecções Generativas / Generative Indirections.

At Convento da Saudação/O Espaço do Tempo.

Montemor-o-Novo (Portugal), September 2013.

In collaboration with: Restaurante MONTE ALENTEJANOHerdade do Freixo do Meio and Quinta da Plansel.

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