(Atelier Real, Lisbon + Circular Festival, Vila do Conde, 2010)

From the end of “The Curator’s School” (September 2008) until the beginning of 2010, “The Spectator’s Opportunity” took some time to be properly archived and documented, a process that was accompanied by some paralleled activities, mainly academic master classes and conferences about “Dogma 2005”. During two months (April and May 2010), all the documentation materials (film, sound, text, photography, official documents, objects, souvenirs…) were installed at Atelier Real (Lisbon, Portugal) in order to be compiled, organized, systematized and presented to an audience. This new autonomous project was produced inside the frame of the cycle “Leftovers, Tracks & Traces: documentation practices in contemporary creation”, during a two month artistic residency at Atelier Real. Along with the documentation materials (organized chronologically through 4 video-documentaries and 4 installations), new street-inspired artwork was created on purpose by Diogo Machado [add fuel to the fire], and new retrospective textual reflections upon the main themes of the project were written for a special newspaper. The movie “The 5 Obstructions” (Jørgen Leth & Lars von Trier) was also shown and discussed between Rogério Nuno Costa, the Portuguese choreographer João Fiadeiro and the audience. Moreover, two internship trainees developed two new Dogma projects during the residency, and were evaluated by the audience in the final public presentation day. A corrected and augmented version was later on installed for the same Festival that 2 years before had received “The Curator’s School”: Circular/Festival de Artes Performativas de Vila do Conde. This time, “Big Curator Is Watching You!” was turned into a readymade/do-it-yourself interactive installation, where the audience could experiment, in a playful way, all the phases of the “Spectator’s Opportunity” project. The installation, held at the auditorium of the Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde, were accompanied by the vending of special fan merchandising items: Big Curator Is Watching You bags, Dogma 2005 pins and The Spectator’s Opportunity postcards, all signed by Diogo Machado.



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