Phase II


(Rogério Nuno Costa's house & Galeria ZDB/Lisbon, July 2008)

The remaining 5 participants join a new approach to the hyper-surveilled curatorial project, entering the Curator’s own house, supervised all day long by an internal video surveillance system connected to a website. Not only they had to follow Dogma 2005’s rules, the curator’s conceptual coaching and Nelson Guerreiro’s “punitive” observation, they had also to respond to all inputs coming from the online audience, who could interact with the participants in real time via website (where the Curator’s House footage was being streamed), Skype, blogs, and other social networks. Furthermore, a group of 5 special spectators (chosen from a public open call) could visit the house, as well as the aforementioned group of young art critics. The residency lasted for 9 days and was accompanied by a series of street art activities aimed to promote the whole event; the artwork was signed by the Portuguese designer Diogo Machado [aka add fuel to the fire]:


Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 5.38.50 AM

The final gala/talk-show was recorded live the 18th July 2008, at Galeria ZDB (Lisbon), with the participation of all the Dogma artists, collaborators, past participants and special guests. The projects “Re-Cobro” (by Daniela Reis), “To Do Lists” (by Katinka Priegnitz), “Vou A Tua Casa E Tu Não Estás” (by Alexandre Sampaio), “Satisfaktor, Institut Für Beglückende Erfahrungen” (by Katja Fillmann) and “How To Become An Organizer” (by Hugo Loureiro) were evaluated by the Assessment Committee, but the last word came from the audience, who could vote for the winning project: Katinka Priegnitz’s.