Phase I


(Torres Vedras, Festival Transforma B, November 2007)

The first 6 participants are welcomed in the fictitious “curator’s office”, temporarily installed in the headquarters of Transforma AC (one of the project’s co-producers), in the town of Torres Vedras, Portugal. They had a short residency period of 3 days to conclude the projects they have been developing since January 2007, strictly following Dogma 2005’s rules and obstructions. All the projects were “escorted” by an omnipresent documentary filmmaker, the observer André e. Teodósio, the photographer José Luís Neves, and the curator himself. A place for total “freedom of speech” (ironically named “Confession’s Room”) was installed in one of the compartments, and could be used by the participants anytime they wanted, as long as the testimonies were properly filmed. The final results were included in the Festival Transforma B and presented to the audience in the last day of the residency: Artur Félix’s autobiographical installation “Life Project”, Joana Campos Silva’s talk-show/performance “Ausência”, Joana Vaz’s street art installation “Fuck Quarta Parede”, Dinis Machado’s performance “Apresentação”, Natascha Moschini’s music performance “Solo”, and Cristiana Rocha’s durational installation/performance “Apresentação Pública”.