Phase III


(Circular Festival, Vila do Conde, September 2008)

“The Curator’s School” was a one week intensive master class program featuring almost all the participants of the last two phases of the project, along with many new collaborators and some special guests: the art historian Magda Henriques, the digital artist Helder Dias, the cultural programmers Paulo Vasques and Dina Magalhães, among others. This time, the invited artists (now “teachers”) and the curator (now “Rector”) could freely talk about their processes dealing with Dogma 2005 during the last 2 years, and the audience (turned into “students” of this fictitious “School”) was invited to undertake a conference-like work and an individual thesis to be presented in the last day of classes. “The Curator’s School” worked, in this sense, as a sort of ‘Spectator’s Opportunity megamix’, with traditional classes happening alongside with debriefing sessions, performances, conferences, talk-shows, lectures, documentary movies, etc. Following the main concept behind the parent-project, “The Curator’s School” proposed a fictitious university degree on the Art Of Denying Art By The Means Of Art Itself, and was grounded in the so-called “Vila do Conde’s Protocol”, where the main goals for the institution of a medieval-contemporary proto-academic learning system were systematized. All the activities were installed in the “real” Escola Superior de Estudos Industriais e de Gestão, in the town of Vila do Conde (Portugal), included in the Circular/Festival de Artes Performativas. “The Curator’s School” is actually the embryo of the new macro-project called “University/Yliopisto”, ongoing from 2012 until 2015. All classes can still be viewed in this channel: