Dogma Kids


“.dk [Dogma Kids]” is a playground-workshop/performance for children aged 8-12 based on the document “Dogma 2005“, a set of rules concerning ephemeral performing art’s creation and documentation. The main goal is to make young human beings aware of the potential of obstacles in artistic “daily-life” creativity. The workshop is conducted by Rogério Nuno Costa with the collaboration of actress and visual artist Cátia Pinheiro.

By the imposition of simple rules and practical exercises inspired by subjects that are already part of the children’s imagery, the workshop offers an educational experience based of a wide range of artistic disciplines (drama, visual arts, performance, video, photography, writing, dance) following a mission rooted on the major idea that freedom of expression and creative imagination are not constructs, one can actually find them! Those special encounters and epiphanies are as much stimulating as more challenging are the obstacles. Therefore, “Dogma Kids” will work as a playground for performing possibilities that are going to be conceptualised, produced and presented by the participants only! For that matter, children will be invited to recycle all sort of materials that are already part of their universe: stories, images, songs, toys, memories. It’s also the chance for young boys and girls to test the accuracy, the gravity and the political dimension of their daily-life gestures and actions, by the acceptance of a game (and its rules) and the compromise towards the social that always comes along.

Lastly, “Dogma Kids” is all about IDEAS: where are they from, what are they for, and how can we use them. A place for children to rehearse adultness, by taking decisions, by discussing, by sharing, by reconciling and promoting dialogues.

Direction: Rogério Nuno Costa
In collaboration with: Cátia Pinheiro
Production: Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica