A meta-educational program by Rogério Nuno Costa

“(…) in a very litteral sense, Kantian university is a fictional institution. Reason can only be institutionalized as far as institution itself can remain a fiction, if it can only work ‘as if’ it was not an institution. When the institution becomes real, reason turns away.” [Bill Readings, The University In Ruins, Harvard, p. 68]

UNIVERSITY | YLIOPISTO is a durational meta-project of a virtual, trans-national and trans-artistic multiversity. A school where we can learn how to annul Art by the means of art itself. A laboratory to test Pop as the ultimate cultural appropriation. A masterclass titled “Laziness as the new avantgarde”. An intensive workshop aboyt Kopimism. A cooltural magazine. And a very demagogic, finlandized and prophyl(arctic) political party to fund the whole thing.

The project proposes the building of a collaborative platform for inter-disciplinary thinking throughout 5 “school” years, thus operating, both virtually and physically, between two European “extremes”: Portugal and Finland. Fluid and nomadic work groups will meet in temporary spaces driven by one major goal: to elaborate a hybrid model for artistic learning based on “non-artistic” methodologies, or how can one reach Art without being through art? A self-referential academy that offers one program only — the “academic studies” program —, structured in a rhyzomatic and taxonomical dialogue between all Arts and all Sciences, within a discursive system that is non-hierarchical and post-capitalist. For that purpose, new educational paradigms will be tested, new modes of subjectivation and share of knowledge will be experimented, new ethical (therefore, aesthetic) models for the relation “master/apprentice” will be foreseen. Ultimately, some of the premises that originated the mission behind Western university will be recycled, those same premises that (post-)modernity, quantitatively entrepeneur and business-oriented (education as a product, student as a client), has been extinguishing for the last two decades.
After the proto-laboratory that took place in Bucharest (Romania) in July 2015, in a partnership with E-motional | rethinking dance, ODD Gallery and Modulab, the Year One was officially launched in October 2016 in Espoo (Finland), in a symbiotic dialogue with Visual Culture and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) program at Aalto University’s School of Art, Design and Architecture. A new series of lectures, workshops, think tanks and publications will be launched this year, all around the subject of NON-ART, the structuring core-theme for Year Two.

Next activities:

THE ACADEMY AS PERFORMANCE. Experimental Laboratory at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, in collaboration with ViCCA (Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art) MA program, Espoo, Finland.
February-April 2018
THE ACADEMY AS PERFORMANCE. Experimental Laboratory for “Recurso”, a theatre practice and theory alternative course organised by Estrutura at mala voadora, Porto, Portugal.
30 April – 5 May 2018
UNIVERSITY | YLIOPISTO is produced by Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte.



Rogério Nuno Costa™ is a performance artist, theatre director, teacher and writer engaged in post-artistic, self-referential projects where there is no (epistemo)logical distinction between erudite and popular, high and low, art and non-art, “the best is not necessarily good”, so on and so forth. His performances, lectures and texts thus being politically Pirate, philosophically Queer, literarily Kopimist, American in form, European in concept, Alt-Wrong. With an academic background in communication sciences, considers himself a (participant) observer driven by a morbid curiosity towards Art that “really“ looks like art, only publicizing the outcomes of his investigations because that is what the Code of Ethics for Journalists demands. Under the alias Chef Rø, has been fabricating various cross-disciplinary experiments around the so-called Conceptual Cooking™, aiming that one day Art will be elevated to the status of Gastronomy; the other way around has already been done. Currently occupied with the building (from scratch) of a University™, he will be taking over (aka “curating”: LOL) the ViCCA Instagram account in January 2018: mashup culture meets guerrilla art meets the academy as performance meets Lame™ as the new avant-garde. Or an art school getting out of the closet and lip syncing for its life.



Vou A Tua Casa — Projecto de Documentação” [Going To Your Place — Documentation Project] is a portable, shareable and spreadable concept-book, a video-documentary and a compilation of documents and texts collected from/produced for the performance “Vou A Tua Casa” [Going To Your Place], by Rogério Nuno Costa (2003/2006). More than “just” an artist’s catalogue, this book comprises an editorial “think tank” based on a transversal reflection about performance documentation practice and theory, while critically addressing other major concepts related to the “Going To Your Place” performance itself:  ephemerality, memory, intimacy/privacy, autobiographical discourse, etc. Project’s direction: Rogério Nuno Costa; Editorial coordination: Mónica Guerreiro. Graphic Direction: Nuno Coelho. More info:

ONLINE PREPRINT [Portuguese Only]:



DOCUMENTATION PROJECT | Seminar + Publication

2018, in Aalto University’s School of Arts Design & Architecture.
More info soon…