“A theatrical trilogy shaped as a geo-emotional path in the city: point ‘A’ is your house, point ‘C’ is mine, point ‘B’ is that impossible underway place where we might coincidentally meet.” Rogério Nuno Costa [2003/2007]

C-SIDE | part III of the trilogy

3-4 March 2017, 7-10 pm (dinner/lecture/performance)
Art House, Aalto University School of Arts Design and Architecture
Lämpömiehenkuja 3, Espoo, Finland

ON THE WAY | part II of the trilogy (B-Side)

9-10, 16-17, 23-24 March 2017, 2-6 pm (one-to-one durational performance)
For the exhibition “Hi-stories” curated by Ksenia Kaverina
Learning Center (Tori), Aalto University School of Arts Design and Architecture
Otaniementie 9, Espoo, Finland

GOING TO YOUR PLACE | part I of the trilogy (A-Side)

27-31 March 2017, with/for refugees seeking asylum in Finland (private homes)
Helsinki, Finland


Vou A Tua Casa [literal translation: I Go To Your House; official English title:Going To Your Place] is a theatre/performance trilogy created and performed byRogério Nuno Costa that ran from 2003 to 2007. For the first time since the end of the project, the complete trilogy is going to be reset in a dialogue with the program Visual Culture & Contemporary Art at Aalto University School of Arts Design and Architecture (Espoo and Helsinki, Finland), during the month of March 2017. Later, a seminar and a publication will close the Documentation Project.



The first part of the trilogy [also known as A-Side], happened in the spectators’ homes (for up to 10 spectators per house). It premiered in Lisbon in 2003, having been presented in Torres Vedras (Festival A8, Transforma), London (Postscript Festival), Covilhã (Quarta Parede), Kortrijk (Fresh Festival/seminar), Braga (Censura Prévia), Caldas da Rainha (Festival Sonda), Porto (A Sala), Hamburg (Dance Kiosk Festival) and Arnhem (ArtEZ/seminar). The second part, sub-titled No Caminho [“On The Way”, or B-Side] was a one-to-one encounter between Rogério Nuno Costa and a spectator, who had to choose the public place for the performance to happen beforehand. The durational performance premiered in Torres Vedras (Festival A8) by the end of 2004, having been presented in Lisbon throughout 2005. The last one, sub-titled “Lado C” [C-Side] happened in Rogério Nuno Costa’s own flat for a group of 6 spectators, 1 specialised observer, 1 invited artist and 1 kitchen assistant. An anthological synthesis of the whole project co-created with the audience over a dinner, C-Side premiered in Lisbon (Festival Alkantara, 2006), having been later replicated in private homes in the cities of Évora (Festival Internacional de Dança Contemporânea), Porto (LUPA Festival), Amares (Encontrarte Festival) and Lisbon (Geraldine). Following the end of the performance works, the trilogy proceeded to its documental phase. Projecto de Documentação | Documentation Project (2006/07) was a cross-disciplinary editorial project aimed to compile a set of documental materials produced and collected during the public presentations of Vou A Tua Casa in a book and a video documentary. More than a speculation around the residues left by a particularly fragile group of performances, the project was built upon the documentary practice itself, hence operating critically in such concepts as ephemerality, memory, intimacy, site-specificity and autobiographical discourse. Available online in






Vou A Tua Casa — Projecto de Documentação” [Going To Your Place — Documentation Project] is a portable, shareable and spreadable concept-book, a video-documentary and a compilation of documents and texts collected from/produced for the performance “Vou A Tua Casa” [Going To Your Place], by Rogério Nuno Costa (2003/2006). More than “just” an artist’s catalogue, this book comprises an editorial “think tank” based on a transversal reflection about performance documentation practice and theory, while critically addressing other major concepts related to the “Going To Your Place” performance itself:  ephemerality, memory, intimacy/privacy, autobiographical discourse, etc. Project’s direction: Rogério Nuno Costa; Editorial coordination: Mónica Guerreiro. Graphic Direction: Nuno Coelho. More info:

ONLINE PREPRINT [Portuguese Only]:



DOCUMENTATION PROJECT | Seminar + Publication

Aalto University’s School of Arts Design & Architecture.
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