MASHUP [2009]


Everything has been done before, but not by us. MASHUP isn’t “about” the originality crisis. MASHUP is “the” originality crisis — we belong to the ontological, we don’t want the anthological: 1) We shuffle, but we don’t give the cards away; 2) We don’t want to go “there”, since “here” is where we feel so good; 3) So, we stay! That is, one should move on! MASHUP is a performance which is absolutely not about music (or any other theoretical narcotic), rather an event that turns the stage into a mixing desk able to blend (i.e.: recycle, pastiche, copy paste, synthesize) 8 Performers, 2 Hosts, 1 DJ, and 8 Special Emissaries from the Future. MASHUP is made by people willing to say different things even though they are the same — they were all born in the 20th century, even if they stand up for different decades. MASHUP is a fight where nothing is allowed, except for plucking eyes, that useless organ! MASHUP does not commit any kind of illegality, but it is an “illegal” show — a coloured motley downloaded without permission, an artistic manifest, a civilized war.

Concept/Direction/Original Text: Rogério Nuno Costa. Performers: David Bernardes, Sofia Diniz, Magda Matias, Diana Coelho, Estela Brito, Virgínio Almeida, Tatiana Silva, Marta Antunes, Pedro Canário, Tiago Carvalho. Photography: Ricardo Gomes. With the collaboration of: Grupo de Teatro do ATV. Prémièred at Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras, in July 2009 (Torres Vedras, Portugal).

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