s l e e p o v e r [2014]


SLEEPOVER is a mixed media relational and durational event curated by Rogério Nuno Costa for Velha-a-Branca (Braga, Portugal). The event happened during Noite Branca, a night celebration where many cultural venues in the city are open all night long. The spectators were invited to a “one night stand” with Rogério Nuno Costa and some special guests, sleeping alongside with Warhol, playing chess with Duchamp, making love with Emin, writing letters to Vila-Matas, listening to Cage, contemplating Marina, drinking tea with Beckett, eating cupcakes with Benjamin, playing children’s games with van Sant and von Trier. The spectators could actually sleep at the gallery if they wanted, as long as they abide by the motto: “laziness is the new avant-garde”.

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