Eurovision [2005/06]


EUROVISION is a theatre show written and performed by Pedro Penim and André e. Teodósio for Teatro Praga. It premiered in Torres Vedras within the frame of A8 Festival, produced by Transforma. In the authors’ words: “An object as tremendous as Europe and as small as a guilty pleasure. The borders are finally open: starting from the Old Continent, an attempt is made to construct a narrative, a multilingual extravagance, a long, colourful and rigged competition”. One week before the premiere of the show, I led two parallel activities consisting of theatre and contemporary art history classes, in order to prepare young audiences for the theoretical understanding of the performance. The first one was a workshop with Art students from Escola Secundária Henriques Nogueira (high school); the second one was a lecture/group session with students from the Major in Theatre at Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha (university). Themes addressed: contemporary parody, post-modernity crisis, originality critique, meta-discursivity.